SEA Teacher -31082018-

I observed P3A and P3B again. What made me feel really good everytime I went there were the students. They were very kind to me even I was not their real teacher in the school.



Some of them came near me and then hugged me. Oh my, what a lovely thing in this world (laugh). Today, the school finished class earlier than usual because of the Leadership Camp. Teacher let students got to their home to prepare themselves first before returned to school for camp while teaches were quickly set the camp for them, such as, place, activities, or food. I helped them by preparing food together with other trainee teachers. After that I returned dorm, it was raining heavily. It looked like I was unlucky.

SEA Teacher -30082018-

We continued observing teaching at SIS Palembang. Today is the second day. To tell the truth, even if I said that I came to observe, I didn’t have any class to observe on this day. So I sit in teacher office almost all day to do my work.


There were a lot of work to do. First, I had to do my lesson plan for practicing teaching. I got the topic of fables and adjective. I didn’t know how to start much, but thanks to my advisor, Ms,Ucie, she helped me out by letting me see her lesson plan to adapted into mine. Another work was to write a SEA Teacher diary on my blog. I wrote in daily, but 2 days ago I was really tired and forgot to write. That meant I have to write for double days. In the afternoon, I attended the teacher meeting. The topic was about the Leadership Camp that was going to start on upcoming Friday night. Unfortunately, I could not go for the night camp. Therefore I asked the head teacher for the permission to returned my dorm on Friday night and would come again in the morning Saturday,

SEA Teacher -29082018-

The first time of my observation was waiting for me at SIS Palembang. We were still sleepy because of early getting up. The class started at 08.00 AM. I was chosen for observing Ms.Ucie, who teaches English for Primary 3A and 3B.


There were 4 agenda for teaching in that period. Show and tell, Redem, exercise and book of knowledge and review. They were very interesting because normally in Thailand teacher rarely told students what are they going to do. Besides of teaching steps, students were extremely active. They loved to answer and tried new thing. What made me feel really good was that they didn’t afraid of me even I was a stranger. I was asked many questions by them. It was really good that they wanted to acknowledge me and I wanted to acknowledge them too.